Earthquake Updates



We at Avonside House Trust provide a caring home based on Christian values for people with mild to moderate needs from young adulthood onwards. Here, they can develop independent social and living skills, and – if they wish – eventually go on to live in the wider community. We aim to help all our residents expand their skills while they are with us by providing a good quality of home-like accommodation, and supervision alongside practical vocational and social programmes.

Our home meets ‘Lifemark’ standards. This means particular care has gone into the design stage with the aim being to enhance comfort and safety. Features include level entry to showers and extra space around beds to accommodate the needs of those with reduced mobility.

Avonside House Trust is governed by a Trust Board with daily operations the responsibility of the manager and team. As a charitable trust registered with the Charities Commission (Registration Number CC26929), Avonside House Trust is funded through contracts with the Ministry of Health and grants from community funding organisations.